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One of the top names that stand out in the outdoor resin furniture world is Nardi Furniture. The company owes its great reputation for building outstanding quality resin furniture to their focus on excellence that began almost twenty years ago. In 1990, Nardi Furniture produced their first line of resin furniture. Today Nardi is one of the world’s largest resin furniture manufacturers and continues to offer quality furniture for residential and commercial use.

As with any company, Nardi has enjoyed many years of success because they manufacture some of the most reliable products in their industry. In the incredibly competitive world of outdoor furniture, customers rate Nardi  Furniture as “state of the art.”

The fantastic global advancement of the Nardi Furniture brand was developed from their driven loyalty to the industry and their commitment to building high quality resin furniture for residential and commercial throughout the world. Building upon their international reputation of uncompromising quality, this company continue to set the standard - "state of the art."

In this way, different collections of resin furniture, suited to various types of requirements and environments for residential and commercial use, were created. Outdoor collections become refined and transformed into highly sought-after open-air furniture including lounges and chairs designed for contract professionals and home owners, in perfect aesthetic functions. Nardi has always had a particular eye for the contract sector and has offered contract products of extremely high quality. Collections of chairs and tables are found in restaurants and pubs all over the world. They are offered in colors that stay brilliant over time. The furniture is light and easy to clean  It is highly resistant to atmospheric weather agents. Most is stackable and is perfect for winter storage.


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Net Chair by Nardi

Picture of Net Chair by Nardi
Net Chair by Nardi 326 40326.10.000

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Regina Chair by Nardi

Picture of Regina Chair by Nardi
Regina Chair by Nardi 601 60150.02.000

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Riva Bistrot Chair by Nardi

Picture of Riva Bistrot Chair by Nardi
Riva Bistrot Chair by Nardi 247 40247.00.000

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Salina 5 Position Folding Chair 4 PACK

Picture of Salina 5 Position Folding Chair 4 PACK

$399.00 (USD)

Spritz Side Table by Nardi

Picture of Spritz Side Table  by Nardi
Spritz Side Table by Nardi 058/40058.00.000

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